Three ways to workout with kids while on vacation

It’s that time of year when we tend to eat too much, work out too little (if at all), and hide behind our bulky sweaters until Spring when we then crash diet our way to our Summer beach bodies.

Sure, there are plenty of “how-to’s” out there that give all kinds of great, if not just slightly unrealistic, advice (like, don’t put gravy on your potatoes or, worse, don’t eat the potatoes at all….gasp!!). But, I want to share three ways to squeeze in the occasional workout during the holidays that even include your children (I have four kids ages 7 and under)!

I plan to eat the potatoes, gravy, and all the dessert I can handle which is why I need to squeeze in a workout here and there. So, hopefully, you will find at least one of these options feasible for you (and your children) during the holidays.

1. Makeup a workout that includes your kids:

Use the kids as the weight when executing some thrusters or squats or even let them come up with some exercises that you can all do together. I can’t even begin to tell you how much my kids loved doing this when we got snowed in for a few days.

I wasn’t sure I’d get much of a workout but I was so wrong.  Not only did I get a great workout in, but my kids also had fun and even wanted to do it again. Check out the full video and article here: Snow Day Workout with Kids

2. Get inspired by YouTube:

YouTube is a great source for endless entertainment, but I’ve also  discovered it’s great for finding a good workout video, too. It’s almost like having a personal trainer take you through the whole workout. I tend to look for the ones that are strictly bodyweight and pilates inspired. One of my go-to’s is POPSUGAR Fitness.

My kids also love Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. These videos are so much fun and will literally keep them moving and entertained for an hour!

3.  Link up with a virtual personal trainer:

I’m sure all of you have a friend, or a friend of a friend, who is a personal trainer. Well, the great news about the internet and all the live streaming options out there these days is that it’s not mandatory to meet face-to-face with a personal trainer to use their services! When going out of town, or even moving, meet up virtually!

I recently tried this out with my friend, Claire Yanta-O’Mahoney, with Fleur de Lis Fitness. She’s based out of Charlottesville, VA, but I live in Fort Bragg, NC. I was actually visiting family in Florida when she and I decided to do a virtual personal training session. We linked up through Skype and off we went. The best part was that my oldest daughter (who is 5) decided join us and workout, too.

What I really love about this versus YouTube, is that there is actually a live person on the other end who is able to correct form, give feedback, and answer questions. That trainer is also there to give a little kick in the pants when you start to slack off. Plus, there’s that commitment to meet up with each other so it’s not as easy to just decide to skip the workout. It was fantastic!

So, if you know someone who does personal training, consider linking up with them virtually when going out of town. Are you moving and love the personal trainer you have? No need to end that relationship. Take it online! Looking for a trainer? I highly recommend Claire and Fleur de Lis Fitness. She’s a great motivator, catered the workout to include the kids, and she even started doing some live workout sessions through her Facebook page. So, you can join in and see what it’s all about! Check out the video of our workout below.

If all else fails, and none of these options work for you, just remember this little mantra—

doing something is always better than doing nothing!

Any exercise, even for a short period of time, is better than nothing at all! Go for a walk, do a few jumping jacks, or even a couple of squats while you brush your teeth.

Doing just a little bit of exercise every day will help you enjoy that holiday meal more especially because you won’t get served a heaping side of guilt afterwards!

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