Play Across America has been in the news! It’s exciting to see how the word is getting out. Click on any of the icons to go directly to the coverage of Play Across America and/or our Founders.

We are also proud to be working closely with PCSgrades to help make the constant transitions in military life smoother and easier for military families!

Play Across America is a free, crowdsourced iPhone app and website that helps families quickly and easily find nearby playgrounds wherever they go throughout the U.S. and beyond. Created by an active duty Army family with four kids, Amy and David move a lot and have done two cross-country moves with kids (not counting all the others that were only halfway across the country). They also love to travel, so they are on the road constantly.

They saw that there was no reliable, efficient, and quick way to find nearby playgrounds while in unfamiliar areas. The process was cumbersome and often yielded vague and uncertain results. So, Amy decided to create a website and app that would help bring clarity, authenticity, and efficiency to the playground search process. Thus, Play Across America was born.

Every single playground profile in the database has at least one picture, an address, and links to get directions. There are also often  a list of amenities, descriptions, and reviews that provide further playground and park information. Finally, Play Across America prides itself in connecting parents with the playground equipment manufacturers who actually build the playgrounds! They work so hard to build innovative an exciting playgrounds that kids will love and we want to ensure people know about them!

We are passionate about connecting kids to play and hope you will join us by sharing great playgrounds with us and spreading the word about Play Across America!

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