Entertain Kids for Hours with This!

Entertain Kids for Hours with This!

Create a fun and easy Scavenger hunt that will truly entertain kids for hours!

The idea for a scavenger hunt came about this past Christmas Eve when I wanted to start a new family tradition. Ever since Easter our kids wanted to do another Easter egg hunt. They’ve loved the idea of looking for hidden objects, so I decided to hide one of their Christmas presents and make them search for it.

I made it pretty short (only 3 clues), and in the end, they were more thrilled about the scavenger hunt than the actual gift! In fact, over the next several days my two oldest kids (ages 4 and 5) meticulously wrote out their own clues and hid various toys around the house and made each other search for them. It literally kept them occupied for hours!

When we were stuck in our house for several “snow” days recently, we had to get creative on how to keep ourselves entertained. We made our “workout” video, which I posted a few days ago, but the kids still needed something else to do. The idea of the scavenger hunt resurfaced and the kids were thrilled! It was so easy to just write out a few clues, hide a toy, and tell them to look for it using the clues. That was it!

Below is a simple breakdown (because, really, the whole process is super simple) of what I/we did:
1. Write out a few simple clues, like, “Go to where mommy makes dinner” (they had to be easy enough for my 5-year-old to read). Then, hide them around the house.

2. Hide the toy you want them to find (then, of course, tell them what they are looking for).

3. Give them the first clue and the rest is up to them.

Yep, it’s that simple. I literally cut up some printer paper and wrote the clues on that. After they completed the scavenger hunt I set up for them, the two oldest each took turns writing their own clues and hiding them, and hiding the toy we were supposed to find. In our case, it was my sons blue dinosaur (it needs to be fairly easy to spot for the younger kids).

It was such a fun game and I’m sure it is one that will never get old with my kids. Try it with your own kids. If they are older, you can just make it that much more difficult to find the object. You can even take it outside and cover a bigger territory. Be creative and have fun! If you need a little example of how it all works (or you just want to watch our video), here’s the link to the video (again) of the scavenger hunt I did with my kids: Entertain Kids for Hours with This!

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