Dirty Clothes and Laundry 2

Before I make the following gripe about all my dirty clothes and laundry, I first want to acknowledge how truly thankful I am that we have…clothes to wear every day. I was about to say clean clothes but that would be a lie. Most days they are clean but not every day. I am also thankful that we have an easy and reliable means for cleaning these clothes that come flying off our backs at a pace much faster than I can keep up with.

That being said, I hate laundry! How is it possible that the clothes I just folded and put in my kids drawers are now going right back into the washing machine? Well, I know how: it takes me several days to actually fold the clean clothes, so by the time they are folded my kids have run out of clothes to wear. Thus, they have to wear the newly folded ones. Ugh…

I’ve figured it out, kind of. It’s about a 3 day process to get all the loads of laundry done. I start out with the best of intentions every time we clear out the laundry mountain overtaking our living room. I tell myself that I will pay attention to the washing machine and when it buzzes that it’s done I will immediately put the wet clothes in the dryer. Then, I promise myself that I will also immediately pull the clean clothes out of the dryer, fold them right away, and put them in their appropriate locations. Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

What really happens is that I do put the laundry in the wash and I do put the first load into the dryer and reload the washer with the next round. But, this is where the problems begin. My storage bin (A.K.A. dryer) is now full so in order to put the wet load into the dryer I must evict its current occupants and find a new home for them. Which means I’m supposed to fold them right away and take them upstairs, right? That’s what I promised myself I would do.

So, I do what any well-intentioned person might do: I procrastinate. Technically, I haven’t broken my unspoken promise I just haven’t found the time to fulfill it yet. While I’m finding the time to fold the laundry and put it away, life continues to happen. Kids need to be fed, diapers changed, bath time ensues, and before you know it I’m too tired to fold the laundry. Tomorrow, I promise myself.

Well, tomorrow arrives and I now have to rewash the wet, mildewy laundry that sat overnight. I do, however, get that first load out of the dryer and transport it to its new home in the living room. I actually fold some of it, too. I then spend the rest of the morning trying to keep my 9-month-old from pulling all the neatly folded clothes (that should have gone upstairs already) off the ottoman, couches, and tables.

I feel proud that I have folded the first load and tell myself I’ll have the kids put their clothes away themselves after naps. So, the laundry sits there on our furniture collecting dust. Now, a new problem unfolds. The second load is done, and a third load is on its way. Well, I can’t fold the second load until I make room for it by getting the kids to put their clothes away. By the time that actually happens, it’s bedtime (and it’s night number 2).

Day 3 arrives and we now discover new piles of dirty clothes that have gathered on the bedroom floor where the laundry basket goes (which is still full of dirty clothes in the laundry room). So, I forklift this new pile into the laundry room and realize we have a big problem. My son just put on his last pair of clean underwear and my daughter has to wear mismatched socks. Yikes! We now go into all-hands-on-deck laundry mode: hubby and I are folding clothes like crazy and overheating our washer and dryer to run all the laundry through. The kids are weighed down with piles of clothes to take upstairs and put away (I use that term loosely. It’s really just shove it in the drawers so I don’t see it).

We finally finish folding the last of the towels and washcloths, all clothes are tucked away in their drawers, and we have consolidated all the orphan socks into their own every-increasing pile that hides in the laundry room. I’m feeling relieved and elated that the laundry is done. I promise myself that I will keep up with the laundry this week, that I will immediately put the wet clothes in the dryer. Then, I promise myself that I will also immediately pull the clean clothes out of the dryer, fold them right away, and put them in their appropriate locations…. well, you know, it’s the thought that counts, right?

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Clothes and Laundry

  • Robyn Leaf

    Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. When my kids were little and I was a single working mom, we pretty much (exclusively) wore clothes out of the “clean clothes pile” in my bedroom which was almost always a mountain. It doubled as play and nap area on more occasions than I care to remember. At least our clothes were (usually) clean, and my kids learned to iron, well one of ’em did. Now I’m down to one teenager and husband and only work occasionally, so the laundry is neatly folded and put away daily…. HAHAHA!!! Good one, some of it is folded and some of those folded ones get put away, eventually. Mostly, the clean laundry lives in baskets on top of the washer, dryer, chest freezer and newly acquired “laundry folding table”. Lucky for me all that mess is in the garage where I promptly forget about it as soon as I walk out. 😉