Diaper bag dilemmas: “Oh crap!” moments

You would think that by this point in my parenting journey I’d have my act together. I’m four kids deep and somehow I still manage to regularly find myself completely unprepared for situations that arise when I leave the house with them.

If you were to hold my diaper bag you would think, “wow, this chick is prepared! Her bag weighs a ton”. But, do not be fooled, my dear friends. While the diaper bag is indeed full and very heavy it is stocked full of useless, forgotten, and only sometimes necessary items. Need a 12-pack of AA batteries? I’ve got you covered. Need a bottle for your child’s baby doll? No problem. But, need a bottle for my actual baby? Well, then there’s a problem.

See, my black hole of a diaper bag is filled with broken cell phones and sunglasses, crumbled crackers, a random Mucinex or Tylenol tablet, and rocks. Yes, rocks (that probably explains why my bag is so heavy). But, what you frequently won’t find in there are wipes, or diapers, or items I actually do need. Somehow, I constantly forget to replenish, or even pack in the first place, things that I actually will need every single time I’m out with my kids.

I’m constantly having these, “oh, crap!” moments where I realize I forgot a vital toiletry item and am now in a bind. This happened just the other week. My son had a blowout diaper and I had only one wipe left. Though I’ve changed many, many diapers over the years I’m not so good as to only need one wipe. Thankfully, however, I managed to get by with some paper towels and that got the job done.

This incident got me thinking about all of my “oh, crap!” moments over the years, where I failed to pack the diaper bag appropriately, and I thought I’d share several of them with you. Perhaps you can relate:

  1. When you only have one wipe left and a major blowout poop you have to clean up (last week).
  2. When you have two kids with poopy diapers but only one diaper left.
  3. When the lid is left slightly off a bottle and it spills all over the inside of your diaper bag.
  4. When you’re out in public and the baby spits up all over you and himself and neither of you have a change of clothes.
  5. When you forget the pacifier and there is no back up in the diaper bag.
  6. When you discover the squeezable applesauce squeezed itself all over the inside of your diaper bag.
  7. When you’re proud of yourself for remembering the change of clothes, the pacifier, the wipes, and all the diapers, but then realize at the checkout counter you forgot your wallet at home.
  8. As a breastfeeding mom: when you forget your nursing cover or, worse, your nursing pads. Leaking in public is mortifying.
  9. For bottle-fed babies when you forget the bottle (I’ve had both—two liked to nurse and two only liked the bottle. Go figure)
  10. When you go on your first overnight trip with the baby and forget all his comfort items!

Maybe you have found yourself in similar situations, or have your own that you’d like to share. I’d love to hear your own “oh, crap!” diaper bag dilemma moments in the comments below!

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