The Coolest Playground Equipment You’ll Ever See! 1

The Coolest Playground Equipment You’ll Ever See!

Throughout my quest to find extraordinary playgrounds throughout the U.S., I’ve been impressed over and over again by the creativity that has gone into designing playgrounds and the play elements. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing several fun playground structures but below is a list of what I believe is the coolest playground equipment you’ll ever see. Take a few moments to check it out for yourself:

1. GameTime’s “Expression Swing”

Get ready to wait in line, and give nasty glares to the parent who hogs this a little too long, because I guaranteed EVERY parent with a small toddler will make a beeline for this brand new swing where grownups and kids swing together! Yes, together. No more boring, standing behind the swing monotonously pushing your child back and forth. You can swing with them. How AWESOME is this. Just watch for yourself below, and visit a playground that has one!

2. Landscape Structures, “Friendship Swing”

If you have several older children who may no longer fit into the Expression Swing, fear not! Landscape Structures just came out with the Friendship Swing! With the seats facing each other, two people can enjoy working together on the swing!

3.  Miracle Recreation’s “Viper”

viper swing

Yes, the Viper is absolutely as cool as it’s name suggests! My kids, and I, spent almost all of our time at the playground either swinging on the viper or waiting for our turn to use it. This is very popular among both kids and adults! Parents, this is so much fun! Pile your kids on it, stand up in the middle and glide this viper as high as it can go. It’s truly an exciting ride. My only complaint: the rope is really rough and chafes the skin big time!

4. Playworld Systems, NEOS 360.

Think: video games meet aerobic exercise. Who wouldn’t love this! With 8 games and one or two player options, get the heart pounding as you race around the ring chasing the lights and sounds, trying to be the fastest player. Kids might have to wait for their turn as grown ups will find it impossible to resist playing on this piece of equipment at the playground! There is also a wheelchair accessible version of this play equipment where the buttons are lower and easier to reach from a wheelchair.

5. “Swing Time”, oval light up swings

Did someone say adult playground? Why, yes, they did! Right next to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the Lawn on D has transformed into part interactive art exhibit and part adult playground with Bocce ball, corn hole, and other yard games. But, the most impressive pieces of equipment are the light-up, oval swings that change color as the person on the swing moves. There are 20 of these extraordinary swings, so you may have to wait in line for quite some time. Who says you ever get too old to swing? I doubt any adult can resist this awesomeness!

Oval swings
Justin Saglio at the Boston Globe

6. Landscape Structures ZipKrooz

You can fly!!! Whether you walk through life or ride, every child can now fly. I’ve seen zip lines at various playgrounds but I had not seen one that accommodated wheelchair-bound children until Landscape Structures came up with the ZipKrooz assisted (click the link above for more details). This makes my heart so happy and the thrill that these children will experience zipping across the playground is why this is truly one of the coolest playground elements out there!

7. Landscape Structures “Sway Fun”

One of the reasons I believe the Sway Fun is one of the coolest playground elements is because it’s one of the few elements that enables children of all abilities to play and work together to create fun! This is such a fun play element and the design is genius! You can easily fit six people on here at once!

Photo credit: Universal Design Style

As you can see, today’s playgrounds are quite the improvement from the rusty metal contraptions and splinter ridden seesaws of the 70’s and 80’s. Now, kids of all abilities can get out and play and adults can even get in on the fun!


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